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Why do you need an electrical inspection?

18.01.2021 10:44

Although electrical wiring is an invisible part of the home, it is very important for the comfortable life of people. The number of devices in each apartment is growing rapidly every year. And their work is simply impossible without electricity. Therefore it is important, the room must have good quality and serviceable electrical wiring, which will provide continuous and safe electricity. Why do you need an electrical inspection?

When do you need an electrical inspection?

The need for electrical inspection services occurs in several cases:

  • when buying a new home,
  • during the repair before finishing walls,
  • when there are problems,
  • and sometimes after flooding the apartment.

In these and other cases, we recommend calling a master electrician who quickly, and most importantly - correctly be able to inspect electrical wiring. Colorado electrical services have become in high demand today. Troubles with electrical wiring can catch us at the most unexpected times. From the breakage of a socket and switch to the failure of the entire electrical wiring.

Quality and timely execution of electrical service

1888 Electrical Services provides quality and timely execution of electrical work of any scope and any degree of complexity

  • Installation of electrical turnkey in apartments, offices, country houses, basement electrical services.
  • Installation of electrical wiring in offices, shopping centers, and industrial areas.
  • Calculation of loads, selection of cable cross-section, design the scheme of laying wires.
  • Replacing wiring (partial, full).
  • Lighting control (installation of motion sensors, dimmers, twilight relays).
  • Relocation of sockets and switches, lighting points.
  • Connecting household appliances.
  • Mounting and assembling (lighting, generator control panels).
  • Installing switches, outlets, lights (chandeliers, sconces, spotlights, LED lights).
  • Installing and replacing the circuit breakers in the switchboard.
  • Installing voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supply (video surveillance systems, automatic gates, emergency lighting)
  • Installation of low-current networks (TV, the Internet, security systems)
  • Installation of underfloor heating, snow melting systems.
  • Installation of grounding loops, lightning protection.
  • Installation of external lighting.

We provide quality electrician services. Calling an emergency electrician will solve all your problems with electrics! We provide 24 hour electrician services in Colorado with a warranty on all work performed!

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