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Best Kitesurf Spots in Portugal

01.05.2024 19:34

Portugal is the best place for kitesurfers thanks to its mild climate, constant winds, high waves, beautiful beaches, and a stunning coastline of about 1,800 km. Beginners, amateurs, gurus, and extreme sports enthusiasts come here to conquer their best wave, set a new world record, or stand on the board for the first time. In Portugal, you will find amazing surf camps and schools all year round, for example, at the kitesurf Obidos school, which is ready to teach everyone the skill of conquering the ocean.

Best Kitesurf Spots in Portugal

3 Best Kitesurfing Spots on the Portuguese Coast

The Portuguese coast has a lot of beaches and lagoons with different natural landscapes and conditions for kitesurfing. The best places for surfing are Obidos, Peniche, Cascais, Ericeira, and many others.

Lagoa de Óbidos, Óbidos

This lagoon is located near the medieval town of Óbidos and offers flat water and constant winds. This is a great place for both beginners ready to conquer the flat salty waters of the lagoon and for professional kitesurfers. You will find the popular kitesurfing Obidos lagoon with unique and personalized lessons. The experienced instructors provide an exciting and safe experience for kitesurfers of all skill levels.

Praia do Baleal, Peniche

Peniche is one of the country's traditional fishing towns with beautiful beaches, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all sides. It is also one of the most visited cities in Portugal among kitesurfers. Its Praia do Baleal beach is famous for its constant winds and powerful waves, which attract surfers like a magnet.

Guincho Beach, Cascais

The lively youth hub of Cascais is famous for its kilometers-long beaches and high waves. The area hosts world surfing championships, competitions, surf camps, and schools. Located near Lisbon, Guincho Beach is known for its strong and constant winds, making it a popular spot for kitesurfing.

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