Bulk SMS-mailings - a guarantee of increased sales

25.04.2021 9:48

Bulk SMS-mailings - a guarantee of increased sales

Every businessman knows that an old and regular customer is better than two new ones. With the help of the Gateway API service, you get the opportunity to personalize SMS messages aimed at a specific group or person. Your business will reach a new level of personal connection with a regular audience via SMS and Viber, if you take advantage of the simple and massive sending of массовой отправки sms-сообщений from intistele.com.

Automation of SMS-mailings

Schedule automatic sending of correspondence in any way convenient for you. Make a schedule and notifications will be sent to clients without your participation. SMS isn't the only way to engage your audience. Together with the Gateway API, you get access to a variety of communication channels, including modern instant messengers. Other advantages of the service:

Integration of SMS-mailing with CRM and CMS. The Intis Telecom team provides a ready-made SMS messaging module that can be built into any popular business process organization system.
Support for GSM and CDMA formats - this makes it possible to work with operators who work in GSM and CDMA formats.

Prompt delivery. You get the ability to send 200, 300 and even 500 messages per second.
The rate of read messages. Clients read sent SMS in 95% of cases. 9 out of 10 text messages are read within 3 seconds. This is enough to catch the client's attention.

Payback. The return on investment from the introduction of SMS-mailing is colossal and reaches 400%. The exact amount of the return depends on the industry of the business and the number of other channels. A comprehensive approach is guaranteed to quadruple your customer acquisition efforts.

Personalization of messages. There is nothing more effective than a personal appeal to regular customers. With the help of Intis Telecom you get the opportunity to compose notifications and messages for specific people: inform about discounts, congratulate on holidays and inform about bonuses.

Large-scale coverage. SMS is more reliable than the Internet. Wherever the client is, he will always be aware of the news of your business. You can be in touch with the audience from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Cost of sms-mailings

You can choose a specific number of messages and a notification period. Wholesale discounts are available for bulk mailing companies. This is a lucrative proposition for a business that uses SMS as their main correspondence tool. For large volumes of mailings, wholesale prices are provided. Comprehensive service is guaranteed for businesses of any size. With Intis Telecom you can send over 100,000 SMS messages per month. Your customers will not be left without attention.

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