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Need refugee status in the United States? Ask Asylum Attorneys in Houston

14.01.2021 22:21

The grounds for granting refugee status are the same as those for granting political asylum in the United States. A person wishing to apply for asylum from the United States may seek the assistance of houston asylum attorney. You can submit the form during your first year in the country. An alien seeking refugee status must show that he or she is being persecuted in his or her home country and fears for his or her life and the lives of his or her family, or that he or she and his or her family will be in danger in the future. immigration attorneys in houston help you to prove your status.

Grounds for persecution may include:

  • Belonging to a particular race;
  • Religious views;
  • Nationality;
  • Belonging to a certain social group;
  • Political views.
  • Refugee status can be granted if close relatives of the applicant reside in the United States, have permanent resident status, have been granted asylum, or have moved to the United States for humanitarian reasons.

The interview is similar to an interview where the immigration officer asks questions to determine if the person is eligible for the status. Be aware that the asylum interview may be quite harsh, but it is not to humiliate you but to determine your true motives and the decision to grant refugee status. A person granted refugee status in the U.S. is entitled to be reunited with family who resides abroad.

Refugees are entitled to receive:

  • financial assistance,
  • get health insurance,
  • get food stamps,
  • attend English language courses free of charge.
  • They may also receive assistance in renting housing and obtaining credit,
  • refugee status gives you the right to work in the United States. Consult with houston employment immigration attorney

You can remain in the refugee status as long as you want, but after one year if you did not break the law of the USA, did not get refugee status by mistake, and did not give wrong information about yourself when filling out the forms, you can become a permanent resident of the United States. Refugees also have the right to leave the United States if they wish to travel.

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