Polskie filmy online: easy, free and unlimited

07.10.2019 18:52

Polskie filmy online: easy, free and unlimited

Thrillers, dramas, romantic comedies, science fiction, adventure and horrors films, as well as documentaries and cartoons – all possible genres of movies are provided to you by PolBox.TV, the leader of HD online television from Poland. The collection of classical works and the latest releases of feature films and drama series is updated monthly. It comes within the package of Polish TV via the Internet.

Internet TV: be the first to watch the premiers

No registration or additional payment required! Polskie filmy online is the special feature that is offered to all of the customers of Polish TV online. The full package also includes:

  • direct streaming of more than 100 best Polish TV channels presenting news, your favourite TV shows, sports competitions, music videos and broadcasts of concerts, coverage of the world of fashion events right from catwalks, and so much more;
  • library with over 3,000 movies for adults and animated films for kids in Polish language and of HD quality;
  • The best Polish radio stations.

As an additional courtesy, PolBox.TV offers its customers on-demand programs and films upon their choice.

TV online: live content from Poland

With HD online television, all members of the family will be satisfied. This is the most affordable and convenient means to install, watch and manage television among the currently existing.

  • 1-step installation. Connect the PolBox.TV device to your home internet and streaming device (TV set, personal computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • Serene application. No contracts to be signed, no documents to be submitted, no major prepayments to be transferred. Tune in, and pay monthly.
  • Comprehensive functionality. Move the broadcasting schedule of television Polish online, record broadcasted videos, manage privacy and accessibility of content for different users (Parental control), etc.
  • Invent new culture of watching TV. See streaming while you work (background window on the screen), as well as watch different content on different devices simultaneously with your family members or friends.
  • Swap roles. From now on, you are not tied to TV like before, but instead, your TV follows you wherever you go. It will work even in the areas with a really slow internet connection.

For any emerging issues related to HD online television, PolBox.TV has provided its customers with 24/7 online/phone technical assistance. Polish TV online: created to please!

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